Vivatinell | Responsibility

Challenges that matter

Today’s world is full of challenges. Most are essentially caused by practices and targets that jeopardise human and environmental sustainability. From obesity to environmental pollution, a wide range of global challenges are caused by unsustainable human intentions and methods.

A significant part of such challenges is the inadequateness of prevailing solutions. We recognise that isolated, one-off donations will not make the world a healthier, easier and happier place. What we need is solutions that work, because we maintain that simply postponing a challenge by a quick-fix is actually a part of the challenge itself.

Solutions that sustain

Vivatinell is full of solutions that matter. In response to global challenges on environmental, health care and human frontiers, we are constantly improving our production practices to create brands that lead the way to a healthier, easier and happier world.

Our brands are tools that offer humans safe, effective and easy-to-use products, thus enabling communities to penetrate into challenges that matter, without creating further stress on the humans and the environment.